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Smelly Washer Video

How to permanently remove bad odor from your washer

1.) Step 1 never use liquid soap (thats right I said NEVER use liquid soap)

let me explain the reason you dont want to use liquid soap. 

This type of soap causes a residual that builds up inside your washer. This residual is what causes that musty stale smell as well as that black stuff around your door seal.

that is NOT mold but liquid soap residual liquid soap also hinders the performance of your machine especially whites This is what the inside of your washer looks like using liquid soap. 



















 So what should you use?


We suggest using powder HE soap. Do not use no more than 3 Tbsp, if the wash is realy dirty you can go up tp 4 Tbsp.

Powder soap does residualize when used in bigger quantities. However it does not residualize like liquid soap. When powder soap does residualize, it turns into a white powder form.

This does not hold moisture like the liquid residual.

So this type of residual does not carry a bad oddor.

Powder soap is also alot less likely to cause premature machanical failures.

Such as failed bearings or other mechanical failures.

Including metal fatigue on the rear of the basket.

These repairs are normaly more or equaly expensive as the replacement.

Powder soap will give you a much higher cleaning performance as well.



Clean your machine regularly. 

Either with Afresh tabs from whirlpool (expensive but works good) or my favorite, Tang powder orange drink. 

This method is safe and very effective and your machine smells like oranges when your done cleaning it.

The reason this method works so good is because of the citrus properties in the tang. 

The citrus properties act as a natural degreaser and descaler.

This helps break down the grime in your machine and then.... it all goes down the drain.


Directions for regular wash machine cleaning using Tang powder drink.


Use this method below if you already use powder detergent and you just need to clean your washer (regular cleaning maintenance) if you have been using liquid proceed to step 4 (Super Cleaning Method)


1.) first thing to know with Tang is you can use as much as you want but I recomend using about 1/2 to 1 full cup of Tang.


2.) for a front load washer pour the measured amount of Tang into the basket. (this is where your clothes would normaly go)

you can also add Tang to your soap dispenser.

However make sure you check your manual on using powder detergent in your dispenser.  (some machines you have to remove a container, or slide a divider to powder)

If your not sure simply pour the measured amount into the basket.


You DO NOT want to add any clothes to the washer when you are cleaning your machine.


Set your machine up with the hottest shortest cycle and repeat 1-6 times. I recomend to do this at least every 90 days.

You do not need to use any spin in the cycle so if you can disable spin on your machine it speeds things up a bit.

If you use Afresh tabs... Those instructions are on the package.



Super clean your machine with powder dish detergent


Super clean your machine this method might shock you!! 

If you have been using liquid in your machine you do not want to simply switch to powder right away.

You need to super clean your machine!

First you will need powder dishwasher detergent. Thats right powder dishwasher detergent.

The enzymes inside the detergent clean out the liquid soap better than the citrus does.


Directions for super cleaning your machine


1.) add approximately 1 cup of powder dishwasher detergent the type of detergent to use is up to you. 

However if your curious I personly have seen great results with Cascade Complete powder or even Great Value powder brand detergent.

 Also make sure there is no gimmicky stuff in the detergent like "Dawn soap" you want the simplest form of powder dishwasher detergent.

If you do decide to use a differant brand than I use.

Check the label and look at the ingredients you are looking for the word enzymes.

This is a vital ingredient to clean out that nasty liquid soap out of your machine.


2.) Add this directly to your basket where the clothes would normaly go.

 You want to use your hottest shortest cycle and repeat if necessary.


(note) This process may need to be repeated to acheive the results you are after.


I have seen it bad enough where it took several cycles with dish detergent to remove all the liquid soap. It realy depends on how much you use your washer and how much detergent you have been using.

Some results will vary. If you have any further questions on these tips. 

Give us a call, we would be happy to go over any questions you may have.



Refrigerators That Last

Refrigerators break down when doors don’t close tightly, forcing motors to work overtime to keep food cold. To test your door seal, close the door on a dollar bill: If the bill slips, you’ve got a problem that requires refrigerator maintenance.

Magnetic strips embedded in gaskets around refrigerator doors make doors close snugly, but they routinely wear out and should be replaced or re-magnetized every couple of years. If you’re handy, re-magnetizing is a DIY job — just run a powerful magnet along each side of the gasket, in the same direction, about 50 times.

If messing around with the refrigerator door is beyond your pay grade, call a professional. Pros typically charge around $242 to repair door problems.

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Washing Machine Endurance

Loose change banging around your washer drum can cause dents, chipped paint, and rust, so make sure to empty pockets before washing clothes.

Also, maintain your washing machine by regularly cleaning or replacing filters that trap water sediment before it enters your machine. Filters, which look like thimbles, are located in the back where supply hoses attach to the machine. Remove hoses and either poke out debris with a tip of a flathead screwdriver, then remove and wash the filter, or replace it. 

Dryers That Keep on Drying

In addition to regularly cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap and exhaust hose, inspect the exterior vent — hot air must escape your house unimpeded.

Make sure the hinged exterior vent pops open when the dryer runs. If it doesn’t, open the cover and scrape out lint with the end of a hanger or dryer vent brush ($13). If your vent is louvered, clean slats with an old toothbrush.

When my dryer recently lost its heat, we called a repair guy who discovered a family of sparrows living in the vent. He sucked the birds out (poor birdies), and then we covered the vent opening with a wire mesh.

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Dishwasher Extenders

Here are ways to keep your dishwasher stress-free and long-lasting:

  • Prime your dishwasher by running the hot water in your sink before you begin the cycle. This will clean your dishes with hot water from the very start of the cycle.

  • Once a week, run your dishwasher empty except for a cup of vinegar, which will keep it shining and smelling fresh.

  • Clean out food traps regularly.

  • Wipe clean the seals around dishwasher doors.

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Toaster Thoughts

Darkly toasted bread will burn out your toaster two years earlier than lightly toasted bread. So if you can live with lightly crisp rather than almost burnt, you’ll get a few more years out of your toaster. Just saying.

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