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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 15 years of experience in appliance repair, we’ve heard it all! Scroll down for some commonly asked appliance repair questions. Is your question not covered on here?

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Why does my washer smell so bad?

Never use liquid soap (thats right I said NEVER use liquid soap!) let me explain, the reason you dont want to use liquid soap is because it causes a residual that builds up inside your washer.


This residual is what causes that musty, stale smell and that black stuff around your door seal. That is NOT mold but liquid soap residual. Liquid soap also hinders the performance of your machine especially whites.


* NOTE Check out how do I clean my washer below.

My front load washer is making a loud noise in spin?

If you hear a loud rumbling type noise coming from the washer in a spin cycle, check to see if the wash basket is loose or moves independently from the outer drum. If these 2 pieces move independently, then you may have a rather expensive repair.


This is generally caused by a bad center bearing that has failed. The reason this happens is sometimes related to a heavy soap build up in your machine.


When you get your new machine watch your soap usage and the type of soap used. We recommend powder laundry detergent, no more then 3tbsp with vinegar as softener (you will not smell the vinegar in your laundry, I promise) and clean your machine regularly (good rule of thumb is 1 cleaning per 1 box of detergent).



How do I clean my washer?

Clean your machine regularly with either Afresh tabs from whirlpool (expensive but works) or my favorite Tang powder orange drink. It is safe and very effective. Your machine will smell like oranges when your done cleaning it.


The reason these methods work is because of the citrus properties in them. The citrus properties act as a natural degreaser and de-scaler. This helps break down the grime in your machine. 


Directions for regular wash machine cleaning using Tang powder drink. Use this method below if you already use powder detergent and you just need to clean your washer.


1.) first thing to know with Tang is you can use as much as you want but I recommend using about 1/2 to 1 full cup of Tang.


2.) for a front load washer pour the measured amount of Tang into the basket this is where your clothes would normally go. You can also add this to your soap dispenser, however make sure you check your manual on using powder detergent in your dispenser. Some machines you will have to remove a container or slide a divider to powder so if your not sure simply pour the measured amount into the basket. Again this is where your clothes would normally go.


You DO NOT want to add any clothes to the washer when you are cleaning your machine.


Set your machine up with the hottest shortest cycle repeat, if you feel you need to. I recommend to do this at least every 1 container of soap. You do not need to use any spin so if you can disable spin on your machine it speeds things up a bit.


For using the Afresh tabs the instructions are on the package.  


 Super clean your machine


Super clean your machine, this method might shock you!! 

If you have been using liquid in your machine you do not want to simply switch to powder right away.

You need to super clean your machine!

First you will need powder dishwasher detergent. 

The enzymes inside the detergent clean out the liquid soap better than the citrus does.


Directions for super cleaning your machine


1.) add approximately 1 cup of powder dishwasher detergent,the type of detergent to use is up to you. 

However; if your curious, I personally have seen great results with Cascade Complete powder or even Great Value powder brand detergent.

 Also make sure there is no gimmicky stuff in the detergent like "Dawn soap" you want the simplest form of powder dishwasher detergent.

If you do decide to use a different brand than I use, check the label and look at the ingredients, you are looking for the word enzymes.

This is a vital ingredient to clean out that nasty liquid soap out of your machine.


2.) Add this directly to your basket where the clothes would normally go.

 You want to use your hottest, shortest cycle and repeat if necessary.


Note: This process may need to be repeated to achieve the results you are after.



Why is my dryer taking forever to dry my clothes?

If you notice that your dryer is taking a long time to dry however the clothes feel warm to hot then you have a venting problem.


The best way to fix this is to clean your venting. Your venting runs from the dryer to your outside vent. There are a number of ways to repair or clean your venting. First of all determine what type of venting you have.


There are 4 different types of venting to look for.


Metallic foil (like a mylar film)

Semi rigid venting (Aluminum)


Rigid pipe


If you have vinyl you need to replace it with a flame resistant metallic type of venting. Such as the metallic types listed above anything but vinyl. Vinyl can melt or cause a fire. The best venting to have is full rigid pipe.


All venting needs to be a consistent 4" in diameter.


There are a couple ways to clean your venting. If you have anything other then rigid pipe simply replace the venting.


Best types to use would be semi rigid expandable aluminum or if its a very short run you can use metallic foil. However the best is always going to be full rigid pipe. When installing, cleaning or replacing your venting, you should always use metallic foil tape. Do not use duct tape or screws. Duct tape will melt and screws catch lint.




For any further questions, please visit the contact us page and send us a text.

We will get back to you quickly. 


At Appliance Doctors, we understand you want your questions answered quickly.

We work hard to provide timely follow ups on all of our questions we receive.

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